At Reform Fitness the health and wellbeing of our members and staff is our priority. It’s never been our approach to pack people together on rows of equipment and we’ve always kept our gym clean and tidy.

But in order to keep everyone who enters the building as safe as possible, here are the steps we have taken to ensure we are adhering to COVID safety guidelines.

Keeping You Safe

Reform Fitness has put in place a strict plan in response to Coronavirus to protect and reassure our members now we have been able to re-open again.

Please be assured we will be regularly reviewing these to ensure every adheres to Government guidance.

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Training at Reform

Some of these are principles we’ve always stood by, but a few things will be changing too:

1.     We’re reducing our Small Group Personal Training to groups of four with one trainer. Each person will have their own ‘pod’ while training.

2.     Our Team Training classes will now be capped at a maximum of 14 people with one trainer. Our Box Fit classes will remain as an online option – or available in person for members in a ‘social bubble’ or wishing to shadow box.

3.     Our online booking app will remain in place but we will be tightening this up. No-one will be allowed to enter the building without first booking.

4.     Every member will have a minimum of 100 sq ft allocated when training, no matter what the service.

5.     Each member will have sole use of their own equipment for each session.

6.     All equipment will be cleaned with sanitiser after every session.

7.     Sessions will be limited to 50 minutes to allow for 10 minutes of cleaning.

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Extra Initiatives

We’ve also been putting a lot in place to make sure the whole gym experience is safe:

1.     We’ve completely redecorated – the whole place is sparkling!

2.     The gym and all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned down every week.

3.     Hand sanitiser pumps have been installed on both floors and members will have access to sanitiser sprays for equipment.

4.     Reception has been opened up to allow better distancing but we’ll be asking members to avoid waiting around indoors before and after sessions.

5.     New fans have been installed for greater ventilation and doors will be open at both ends of the building during all sessions to allow free air flow.

All of our Reform Fitness team members and staff will be fully briefed on correct practises and we will ensure that members’ gym experience remains motivating and fun while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

reform north devon barnstaple personal training 6

If you’re looking to join a fitness facility in Barnstaple and want to see for yourself the changes we’ve made, please do give us a shout on info@refornorthdevon.com to book in for a tour of the building where we’ll be happy to answer your questions.