30-Day Challenge  

Challenge starts 1st July
Applications must be in by 28th June








Everything you need for successful change

When we train, we train for results. Our fun and fast classes are designed to torch fat, and get real results. Plus you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face.


Nutrition Guidance
We don’t believe in restrictive diets or making you miss out on your favourite foods. Instead we’ll be teaching you how to make real changes for life.

Progress tracking
We want to keep you on track to achieve your fat loss goals, and we’re here to help you all the way with regular progress tracking, weigh-ins and measurements.

The one thing you won’t feel on this challenge is alone. With our online members group and expert coaches you’ll be supported every step of the way.

Are you ready to get started?

Training – Fun yet challenging 

We recognise it can be a bit intimidating walking into a gym for the first time, but you don’t need to be physically fit to start at Reform Fitness.

Our team conditioning sessions are all about three things: Sweat, strength and smiles. From high intensity cardio to pushing/pulling heavy things, our fun sessions are designed for everyone.

Training Times:
Monday to Friday : 6am, 10am, 6pm & 7pm
Saturday : 8am



Nutrition made simple

Nutrition is often over-complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. As part of this challenge you’ll receive our nutrition guide where we break everything down to make it super simple and easy to follow. 

We don’t put you on a restrictive meal plan or make you cut out all your favourite foods. This isn’t a quick fix. During the 30 days you’ll learn how to create healthy habits which last for life.

Our nutrition principles will not only help you drop body fat but also are sustainable in the long-term and empower you to make informed decisions based on your lifestyle. 

Let our results speak for themselves

Let our results speak for themselves

Are you ready to get Started?




We’ll need you to fill out a short application form to ensure we understand your goals and how best to support you.



You’ll receive a phone call, which is the perfect opportunity to have any questions answered. We would also take payment to secure your spot on the challenge.



Finally you will receive email confirmation, and your pre challenge pack. Now you’re ready to get started!


Do I have to be fit?

Not at all! Our members vary in age and abilities. You’ll meet some that look super fit, but remember they all started somewhere. Many of our members had never set foot in a gym before they started with us. Everyone’s goals are unique and you’ll be able to work at your own pace to progress.

What if I have aches, pains or injuries?

That’s not a problem. Our programming includes exercises that fix and improve common problems. More specific stuff can be tailored in – this is why we make sure every new member goes through our screening process.

What happens after the 30-day challenge?

You’re free to decide what you’d like to do. If you want to continue working with us towards your fitness goals, we’ll discuss the appropriate membership options for you. If you decide Reform Fitness isn’t for you, you can simply say goodbye. We’ll be sorry to see you go but we accept we can’t be all things to all people.

What if I register for the challenge, then change my mind?

We don’t want to force anyone into fitness. If you change your mind before you get started, you’ll get your money back with no questions and no hard feelings.

What time are the sessions?

Our team conditioning classes run weekdays at 6.30am, 10am, 6pm, 7pm and a bonus session on Saturdays at 8am.

Are you ready to get started?


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