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Steve Sanger Reform Training Nutrition Health

Steve has worked in the fitness industry for six years and has an undeniable passion for his field, demonstrated in his growing portfolio of body transformation successes. As the founder of Reform, Steve has a vision and determination to create a fitness facility where the client’s success is the number one priority, and grow a community of like-minded individuals who will help each other to succeed. He specialises in body composition and his clients have ranged from semi-professional dancers and competitive bikini and physique athletes to businessmen, new mums and clients recovering from surgery.

Steve offers unique body transformation packages, working closely with clients through personalised nutrition and training plans to help them improve their overall lifestyle as well as their image. His focus is on making life-time changes without any quick fixes and this is demonstrated through his many photoshoot transformations which you can view here. Steve is determined to connect with his clients on a personal level, and has even been the subject of his own body transformation to show what can be achieved in a dedicated timescale.

Keen to keep furthering his education, Steve is a qualified BioSignature level one practitioner and is the only coach offering this service in North Devon. He has also attended many talks with renowned personal trainers and leading fitness industry professionals including Charles Poliquin, Phil Learney, Simon Hall, Ben Coomber, Phil Richards, Mark Coles, Phil Graham and Luke Leaman.

Steve has been involved in the competitive sports world since childhood, and has competed at county level in swimming, was a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and competed in regional mountain bike trials.

2011 – Future Fit Training Gym Instructor Level 2
2011 – Future Fit Training Torso Training & Core Stability
2011 – Future Fit Training Nutrition and Weight Management
2012 – Future Fit Training Diploma in Personal Training Level 3
2013 – Poliquin Biosignature Modulation Level 1
2016 – Precision Nutrition Level 1

Continued Professional Development:
2012 – Phil Richards Musclebolic Drive, two day workshop in Bath
2013 – Ben Coomber’s “Is the body building diet dead?” seminar at Birmingham NEC
2013 – Phil Learney’s “Muscle management through nutrition” seminar at Birmingham NEC
2014 – Ongoing mentorship programme with body composition coach Simon Hall

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